When Philippe Gilbert won the 2019 Paris Roubaix he never lost his bottle, thanks to the Tacx Ciro bottle cage. Light but strong. Attractive and practical. It’s a design so good that even the pros choose it for the toughest Classics. This ultra-secure setup is available to mere mortals at a reasonable price and in 10 subtle contrasting colours, so it will look great on any bike.


Constructed predominantly from carbon, the Ciro bottle cage is designed for a grip that won’t shake loose. It consists of two wings that clamp around the upper end of the water bottle. Coupled with a protruding lower lip, they ensure a consistently tight grip.

Ciro is the next evolution of the Deva cage, and its lighter design still provides that reassuring clamp. At only 29g, the Ciro is lightweight but still exceedingly strong. It’s able to stand up to heavy use in a race over bumpy terrain where the riders repeatedly insert and remove the bottle with force.

Complete in a minimalist design that’s easy to mount, the Ciro is designed to function seamlessly with any bottle. However, check out Tacx’s own range of bottles if you want to find the perfect match!


The Ciro bottle cage is available in 10 different colours, allowing you to select the color-scheme which best complements your bike. Available in a matt or gloss finish, it will stylishly complement your bike without upstaging it.


With World Tour teams now using the Ciro bottle cage, it’s been subject to testing in the most demanding race conditions, and has repeatedly come out on top. And in the greatest test of all for a bottle cage – Paris-Roubaix – after 257km across 29 bone-shaking cobbled sections in northern France, Philippe Gilbert won on a bike equipped with the Ciro bottle cage.

His bottle held firm right until the very end, before it was deliberately ejected in the final kilometers before the velodrome to save weight. It proved a winning combo on the course where scattered bottles still delight the fans that line the cobbled sections. But in future editions, those fans may have to go home empty handed if more teams use the Ciro.

At Tacx we have no plans to stop innovating. As Ciro continues to provide the pros with a solution they trust in, it motivates us even more to continue to evolve the cycling experience to the next level.