Do you recognize this? You participate in a bike tour or a Gran Fondo. When you collect your race number, you put your bike against a fence. When you come back, you find out that your bike has fallen over. You don’t see any damage and start riding. At the first steep climb you shift to your lowest gear and… CRACK! Your rear derailleur is in your wheel. The result? A broken derailleur, broken spokes and possibly a damaged frame. All bad news. Luckily there’s something new on the market to prevent this kind of damage: the Tacx Crashpad.

A simple solution for a common problem

In cooperation with Brady van Dalen, owner of a family company that repairs carbon frames and sprays bikes and bike parts, Tacx has created a simple tool to prevent bike damage. Brady saw more and more damages through rear derailleurs. Amateur or hobby cyclists with lightly skewed rear derailleurs often do not realize that their derailleur is crooked. A slightly bent derailleur hanger is almost invisible and therefore hard to recognize. When shifting to the lowest gear with a skewed derailleur hanger, the derailleur hits the rear wheel, with all its consequences. This kind of damage not only occurs to hobby cyclists, but also to professionals. In a packed peloton, a front wheel touching another rider’s rear derailleur is a regular occurrence.

Cooperation with Tacx

While repairing the damaged bikes, Brady came up with the idea of the Crashpad. He started with the development of a prototype. He then reached out to Tacx. As a company that already makes trainers, water bottles and tools, Tacx was not surprisingly willing to cooperate and add a protective product to its range. Tacx and Brady joined forces and Tacx now produces the Tacx Crashpad.

What does the Crashpad precisely do?

The Tacx Crashpad is a small cap in the shape of a mushroom. The cap protects your bike derailleur every time your bike accidentally falls over. It also offers protection when another cyclist hits your rear wheel. In those situations, the Crashpad stops your derailleur hanger from getting bent. The product is therefore also suitable to protect your bike during all forms of transport. For example, when you use a bicycling case during a flight, or when you put your bike in a car and place a too heavy bag on top of it. The Crashpad is made from low weight aluminum and weighs only 28 grams. The high-quality anodized finish prevents scratches and wear.

The Tacx Crashpad is available in two sizes: a short version and a long version. Both versions are suitable for a M5 rear axle. The short version is 36.25 mm and suitable for the newest Shimano groups from 2018 and later. The long version is 48.25 mm and suitable for Campagnolo, SRAM and older types of Shimano derailleurs. The Crashpad simply replaces the existing locknut of the quick release skewer and is easy to fit.

Buy the Crashpad online

The simplest bike solutions and innovation often have the greatest impact and do not have to be expensive. The Crashpad has clearly proven that. The Crashpad is ideal for cyclists who travel with their bikes or regularly transport their bikes in a car. The product is available in the Tacx webshop.