This year, we launched the Tacx Desktop app with which the world becomes your playground! To make this app even better, we’ve just released a major update with some really cool new features. Read on to find out more about live opponents, 3D GPS rides, structured workouts and even a small hidden feature!

For those who are not familiar with the Tacx Desktop app yet: don’t get confused with Zwift because this is a very different kind of training software. While the popular Zwift is a virtual reality videogame, the Tacx Desktop app contains real-life surroundings and offers efficient and goal-based training indoors. When we launched this app, it was mainly a real-life video player with a large high quality film collection. It enabled you to ride scenic routes from all over the globe, like beating the steep Alpe d’Huez or to conquer the cobblestones of Roubaix. By adding new features, it now offers you the ultimate freedom to cycle anywhere in the world and train exactly as you see fit. Sounds good, right?


It was already possible to ride against recorded opponents, whether it was your own fastest time or against the recorded attempts of your friends. But now we’ve added live opponent that enables you to challenge other riders around the world on the same track at the same time, how cool is that? So, while you’re riding a film or a GPS track, you can now come across other riders who are cycling there live at the moment with this app. This is a nice trigger to really challenge each other and push your limits by trying to defeat them!
To find out if and where other riders are cycling live at the moment, just open the Tacx Desktop app and you’ll notice if there’s a red live icon on the thumbnail of a film or GPS track. Shortly we’ll publish a dashboard including a world map where you’ll see in real time where other cyclists are riding at that moment. By selecting a ride with live opponents, you can join them right away.


In the Tacx Training app, it was already possible to import and ride GPS tracks, but now we’ve transferred this to the Tacx Desktop app. All boundaries will literally disappear with this feature! You can create and ride your custom-made route anywhere around the globe. But there’s more: you can now experience these GPS tracks in 3D with Bing Maps on Windows 10 and Apple Maps on OSX*. Just ride around any city or relive your holiday rides in 3D. The world now really becomes your playground.

Just import your Strava rides or other GPS rides in the Tacx Desktop app and off you go! You can also select one of the many GPS rides uploaded by other users and if there’s nothing you want out there, just create your own GPS ride. This is possible in Strava or just google one of the many GPS ride creators online. You can literally cycle anywhere now and visit places you’ve never been to; the possibilities are endless!
Besides the new films we’re adding monthly to the Tacx Desktop app, we’ll also add special Tacx selected GPS rides on a monthly base. What about a ride through Central Park in New York or a nice city trip on the hilly streets of Cape Town? And have we already told you that live opponents is also available in this feature?


To focus yourself on a more targeted training or for a specific goal, we’ve also added structured training plans. Whether it is a FTP test, a block training with intervals, a steady climb workout or a training on a certain power or cadence level: it’s all there. Just choose one of the many existing structured Tacx workouts based on slope, power or FTP (available for different fitness levels) or pick one from the big library of workouts created by other users.
When you know exactly what your training should look like, just create your own workout. This can be done easily in the Tacx Desktop app and works very intuitively. Select the type of workout you want to create (slope, heart rate, power or FTP) and in a blink of an eye you’re done and can start your own custom training.


So how do I update my app? Well, first of all check if this isn’t done automatically. If the Tacx Desktop app icon is blue, then you know you’ve got the updated version. If it’s still black, you can update the app manually in the Microsoft store (and by the end of the month in the App store).


If you’re new to this, just download the app for free in the App store or Microsoft Store. In the free version you’ll have access to three Tacx films and three Tacx GPS tracks. Also, you can use the workouts and workout builder for free. When you are intacxicated by this app (and we can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be 😉), subscribe to Premium and get access to all features, training plans, films and GPS tracks. Please visit the Tacx website for more information on how to get started.


Ahh…you’re still waiting for the hidden feature we told you about at the start of this article? Well, especially for the readers of this blog, we will reveal this. You can now switch between the views by hitting the arrow keys on your keyboard. So, when you ride a film, just press on the left or right arrow key and toggle from the film view to the GPS view or to the workout view (where you’ll see your power and other data on full screen).

And, all right, we’ll also reveal a small teaser. We’re really busy at the moment building a streaming service so that you can also use this app on your smartphone, tablet and Apple TV. No more boundaries on your devices as well! Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.

* Please note: update for OSX is expected by the end of October 2018 and this software only connects with Tacx Smart trainers (through Bluetooth 4.0)