And here is number three! After launching the FLUX S Smart and the NEO 2 Smart we’d like to introduce you to the FLUX 2 Smart. This improved version of its progenitor is stronger, better and has a wider compatibility range of axles and bikes. Read on to find out more about this powerful challenging Smart trainer.

Bridging the gap

So why another Tacx smart trainer? Well, we found that the gap between the FLUX S and the NEO 2 was a bit too big. That’s why we’ve come up with a trainer right in between: the big brother of the iconic FLUX. Compared with its predecessor, it is equipped with a bigger and stronger resistance unit together with a heavier flywheel. This results in a wider simulation range; it is now capable of simulating inclines up to a 16% gradient, even at slow speeds. Virtual Alps, here we come!

By positioning the additional weight of the flywheel strategically, this trainer gained a higher mass inertia effect. This improves the ride feel significantly and makes every pedal stroke very smooth. Secondly, the heavier flywheel in combination with the stronger resistance unit increases the maximum resistance to 2000 Watts. Are your legs ready for this?!

With the FLUX 2 the internal structure has been redesigned completely, which improved the accuracy of the power measurement to 2.5%. This bike trainer is designed to bring vibrations and noise levels to the absolute minimum and is therefore the most silent flywheel equipped direct drive trainer. Shhhhh!

More bikes is more fun

Moreover, the FLUX 2 has improved axle and bike compatibility. The latter is made possible by the redesign of the exterior of its predecessor. By creating more space for the derailleur cage, it is also compatible with long cage derailleurs. And by supplying the FLUX 2 Smart with extra axle adapters, the axle compatibility significantly increased. The FLUX 2 Smart is compatible with 142x12mm and 148x12mm, straight out of the box. So, a big hello to the riders who weren’t able to fit their bikes in the FLUX Smart!

And just like the FLUX, it fully connects wirelessly with ANT+ and Bluetooth to your favourite training software like the Tacx Desktop app and Zwift. The smart electronics of the FLUX 2 Smart also allow you to train stand alone, without any software connections. The resistance follows a progressive power curve, just like if you were cycling on a flat road. So, speeding up means an increase of resistance.

With the free Tacx Utility app you can easily update the firmware of the FLUX 2 Smart to the latest version, so you can always make use of the latest improvements and features. You’ll get notified when an update is available.

Sum it up please?

Hereby the upgraded specifications compared with its predecessor and little brother FLUX S:

Flywheel7.0 kg7.6 kg
Mass inertia22.8 kg32.15 kg
Max. incline10%16%
Max. power (at 40 kph)1500 Watt2000 Watt

This challenging powerful direct drive trainer is available now! Go to the FLUX 2 Smart website for more information.