We all know that feeling during the indoor season of trying to find the extra motivation to keep on going. Meanwhile, the pro riders have already started their season and have shaped up again, and you think to yourself: I want to train like them! What if we say that this is possible right now?

To keep you extra motivated this indoor season, we’ve asked the coaches of our WorldTour partner teams to create a custom training plan for the Tacx users. We’re kicking off with BORA-hansgrohe, the successful formation of triple world champion Peter Sagan! How cool is that?

Dan Lorang, coach and head of innovation at BORA-hansgrohe, designed a ready-to-go three-week indoor training plan. “It builds up from week to week with three sessions each,” he explains. “The first session is always targeting to get a higher VO2max, so some short intervals with VO2max intensity. The second session is to work on your lactate clearance, so that your body is able to clear the lactate during the exercise. And then the third session of the week is a longer ride in the fat combustion zone. Here, you teach your body to use fat as an energy source. With this plan you have a good mixture of several metabolic zones. After these three weeks you’ll feel improvement for sure!”

The workouts of this BORA-hansgrohe training plan will be available for free and can be downloaded and performed in the Tacx Training app for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android) and in the Tacx Desktop app (Windows and Mac). Click on the button below for more detailed information on this training plan and on how to get started.

So, what are you waiting for? Push your limits, improve your cycling performance and get ready for this cycling season. Good luck!!